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Q. Eco house North West Bicester

An exemplary Eco-town of 5000 houses is planned for North Oxfordshire. A demonstration Eco house is now open in Bicester showing the many green technologies to be used in this trail blazing project. All the materials used are from sustainable sources and fully recyclable. Technologies used include mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, rainwater and grey water harvesting, solar collectors and photovoltaics, air source water heating, low energy appliances and LED lighting as well as exceptional levels of insulation. The sponsors expect that household electricity demands will up to 70% less than for standard housing.

Our PassiV Hardwood window was selected to match the cutting edge eco-performance philosophy of this project. The substantial timber frames have an insulating cork layer and quadruple glazing was used. Multiple panes of low emmisivity glass reflect heat back into the building and the glazing gaps are filled with low conductivity argon gas for maximum insulation. Warm edge spacer bar technology ensures very low losses around the glazing perimeter. Fully glazed Passiv Hardwood french doors on the South facing elevation ensure the property benefits from natural daylight and solar gain


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